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AM PM Roofing’s gutter repair experts are experienced and certified to perform any gutter repair problem you may have.

Homes shed a large quantities of water during rain storms. For example, a 1,500 square foot roof displaces 1,000 gallons of water for every inch of rainfall. It is important to disperse the water away from the foundation. Correctly installed and functioning gutter systems are designed to efficiently collect water and carry it away from the property.

Our gutter repair services include:

  • Replace loose or missing nails on gutters
  • Re-strapping loose leaders
  • Replacing broken hangers or spikes
  • Replacing damaged and split leaders
  • Improper pitch inspection and correction
  • Leak detection, inspection, and repair
  • Inspecting for clogs in underground drains

If you have any problems with your gutter system, it is best to “nip it in the bud” before it creates larger and more expensive repair problems, or the need for a gutter system replacement.

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Common Types of Gutter Repairs


Gutter leaks can occur at the joints between gutter sections and these can be resealed. Other leaks are caused by cracks in the gutter due to corrosion or other damage. These leaks can be patched and sealed, however, you need to keep an eye on them because weak spots are likely to develop leaks again.

Clogs or Blockage

Leaves, pine needles, twigs, and other debris can build up in gutters causing them to clog and overflow. Indicators of a clogged gutter include water overflow pooling marks under the gutter, and excessive water and mildew near the foundation. Also check your downspouts as these can get clogged as well.

Improper Pitch

Gutters are designed to have a subtle slope heading towards the downspout, to keep water flowing with gravity. If you see water pooling in the gutter without any blockage, then the slope may be inappropriately pitched. Causes of improper pitch include faulty installation or the home settling. Pooling water can create problems such as corrosion which leads to leaks.


If gutters are drifting downwards or separating from the house, we recommend you get the gutters inspected immediately. Usually, the cause of the sagging in the gutter is just a broken hanger or spike. Other causes include weight from debris buildup, ice expansion, or placing ladders on the gutter. You could be at risk for total gutter collapse and rotting fascia board, so be sure to have it checked out.

Why You Need a Quality Gutter System

Investing in a new gutter and downspout system protects your home from roof, foundation, basement, crawl space, and landscaping damage. As a result, you will prevent expensive repairs to your home, increase your home’s value, live in comfort, and enhance your home’s appearance.

Gutters direct rainwater away from your roof and your homes walls and foundation, protecting it from potential damage. AM PM Roofing recommends and installs high quality gutter systems to protect your residential or commercial property.

Proper Installation

If gutters are not installed and maintained properly, your roof can develop wood rot around the gutters. AM PM Roofing Contractors CT, ensures professional gutter installation and high quality workmanship. We make certain that your gutter system fits perfectly with your roof system.

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