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Roof Repair

Do I need a roof repair or a roof replacement? This question should not be answered without a comprehensive roof inspection first. Newly installed roof’s that have been damaged from a fallen limb or wind will generally qualify for a roof repair. As a general rule, if a roof’s life can be extended by numerous years without a full replacement then a roof repair might be the best solution. The deciding factors of a roof repair vs. roof replacement ultimately depends on the wear and age of the home’s shingles and the home’s susceptibility to future damage. Larger areas of damage can be sometimes be re-roofed as well, providing the damage is not too extensive and the roofing contractor has the ability to match the existing roofing shingles. Additionally, the lure of DIY roof repair oftentimes results in low quality, costly and potential long-term damage of your home’s roof. Not to mention the danger that is involved in being on your home’s roof. AMPM provides homeowners with FREE estimates so you don’t have to put yourself at risk.

Roof Inspections

AMPM Roofing starts each roof repair and roof replacement with a comprehensive roof inspection. Homeowners will generally want to have a roof inspection done once before and once after the two seasons with the most severe weather – In Connecticut we have our most severe weather during our winter and summer months. Our cold winters bring storms that produce snow and ice that can contributes to the demise of your roof. However, our summer months are oftentimes hot with high temperatures and solar UV radiation. Summer also subjects your roof to thermal shock from the sudden cooling of your roof from summer rains. Both seasons can bring severe storms in the form of Nor’easters and Hurricanes. Therefore, AMPM Roofing suggest having a roof inspection after major storm events to ensure that damage has not occurred. In the event that you need a roof inspection, roof repair or replacement after a serve weather event – AMPM offers 24 Hour Emergency Service as well.

Roof Replacement

There are several signs that you need a roof replacement – Roof age, bad roof valleys, moldy shingles, bad chimney flashing or missing shingle tiles. All of these are tell tale signs that you need a roof replacement, but there is one that tends to be the most common. Oftentimes homeowner will seek a roofing contractor after seeing a roof leak or watermark on the interior of their homes. This is an especially bad sign should you have an attic space above your home. This will usually mean that the leak has been there for some time, especially if you haven’t visited your attic space in a while. Unaddressed, roofs leaks can cause rotting and mold that can further compromise the entire roofing system. Furthermore, if your roof exceeds 15 years or more, it’s a pretty good guess that you’ll require a roof replacement. The roof that is on your home today is most likely covered with asphalt shingles which are the most cost effective and commonly used type of roofing shingle. Asphalt shingles generally have a 20 year lifespan. Call AMPM Roofing for a FREE Roof Inspection & Estimate Today!

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Seamless Gutters

We install .032 gauge seamless gutters, fastened with a screw type hidden hanger system and the “Leaf Relief” Brand of gutter leaf protection.

Siding Repairs

It is possible to have leaks in your roof caused by poor installation of your homes siding and or windows. We can identify, and fix those problems.

Chimney Repair

We can repair bad mortar joints, replace broken bricks, install chimney caps, replace lead flashing and install a new top mortar crown or wash.

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Highly recommend Paul and his AM-PM Team. Paul was very responsive and reliable, was always there when he said he would be. He responded to every Text and Email question, and the quality, workmanship and price are second to none. – Mystic, CT

Gerry C.

Paul Dube and his crew did a great job. In and out i 1 day. Looks great and have already recommended him to several others looking to replace their roof. Thanks Paul! – Manchester, CT

Jeffrey J.

The project took 1 day only. From start To finish. Completely satisfied. – Ledyard, CT

Christin A.

Just know exactly what you’re getting up front. Paul was great to deal with, and his crew worked continuously until job was done, same day. – Marlborough, CT

John S.

Delivered as promised…….a real pro. – Marlborough, CT

Paul W.

Paul was easy to deal with and went the extra mile to make sure I was satisfied. – Plainville, CT

Ray A.

Paul was well organize and had all the supplies on site the day before the roof was installed . He competed the roof in one day and it rained 1 inch the day following He cleaned the area after completing the job . I was completed satisfied the the quality of the work. – Mystic, CT

Kenneth H.

Prompt trustworthy responsive. Paul did an excellent job on our new roof and gutter guard system. – Waterford, CT

Pat R.

Very honest and showed pictures as he repaired. – Old Saybrook, CT

Jean B

A Great crew, clean and fast worked together like a well oiled machine. Paul the owner went out his way to make this a Great experience. Completed the entire job in one day. -Ledyard, CT

Daniel T.

Who we are?

Paul Dube is a third generation roofer and started AMPM Roofing in 1996. Since then AMPM Roofing has completed more than 3000 roofing jobs in Hartford, New Haven, Middlesex and New London counties. Paul and his team are totally committed to providing you with the best roof at the lowest cost. Request a FREE quote today!

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