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Gutter Styles in Middlesex, Hartford, New Haven, New London,  and Tolland CT Counties

Gutter styles come in a variety of materials and sizes designed to work optimally with your home’s configuration. Speak with our gutter experts at AM PM to learn about the best gutter systems available for your property.

The primary gutter styles include Box, K Style, Half Round, Copper, and Seamless Aluminum Gutters.  The type you choose will depend on the type of home you have, the roofing system, the weather and region of country you live in, and your aesthetic preference.

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Box Style Gutter

Box style gutters are built with a simple design emphasizing function over aesthetics. Box style gutters are seamless, and can be made seamless in custom shapes and sizes.

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K-Style Gutter

This style of gutter is named “K” because when look at them from the side, their shape resembles the letter K. They are available in 5 to 8 inch sizes. The most common size used for homes are five and six inch. K style gutters are made with steel, galvalume, copper, vinyl, and most often aluminum. Advantages of K style gutters are their ability to hold more water than other gutters, and their strength which holds up better under heavy pressure.

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Half Round Gutter

Half round gutters are popular because they are considered stylish and visually appealing. They also offer a variety of choices, styles, and colors available to choose from. They are available in all metals including aluminum, copper, steel, and seamless.

The installation process is much like a K Style gutter system. We install complete systems with a variety of hanger options, round downspouts and elbows, and hand cut miters.

Advantages of half round gutters and both functional and aesthetic. The gutters look good on older homes and provide the perfect accent. They provide a historical and elegant look, and can be found on century old homes. Functionally, half round gutters are a smoother shape and are less prone to clogs and corrosion. In addition, they are easier to keep clean because debris is less likely to get clogged as the water flows through. There is less clogging, so cleaning doesn’t need to be as frequent as with other gutter systems.

Disadvantages include higher cost due to less availability, and the need for specialty parts. Also, they hold less water than other gutter styles, making them more susceptible to overflowing in regions that experience significant rainfall.

copper gutter installation ct

Copper gutters

People looking for a distinctive look for their home, sometimes opt for copper gutters. They enhance your property’s beauty and elegance with a sense of craftsmanship.

They come in many styles and offer several benefits.

  • Long life, can last over 80 years
  • Strength and durability
  • No rusting or rotting
  • Less maintenance
  • Elegant character and craftsmanship
  • Improve home’s appearance and value

Copper gutters can stand up to extreme weather conditions. Over time, they develop a patina that protects the metal and decreases the need for maintenance. Copper gutters are an excellent choice because they are both durable and visually pleasing. K Style and half round gutters are also available in copper.

Drawbacks of copper gutters are their cost, and a more difficult installation process.

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Seamless Aluminum Gutters

Seamless gutters are an efficient, durable, and affordable type of gutter system, making them a popular choice with homeowners. They are made from preformed composite metal sheets.

Benefits offered by seamless gutters include their reasonable pricing, easy assembly, less maintenance, long life, and can be customized for a house’s design and size. Since they are aluminum, they don’t rust or crack and split. Appearance wise, they are modern, and are excellent at improving the appearance of a home.

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