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Roof leaks can cause serious damage to your home if the source of the problem is not detected and corrected immediately. Water can spread in all directions from where the leak originates, and it may be difficult to discover where the leak is occurring. It is always good to have your roof inspected annually to repair any existing leaks or to prevent future leaks.

Causes of Roof Leaks


Over time, roofing materials degrade and become less efficient at halting water penetration. Flucuations in temperature and weather can cause roofing materials to become brittle leading to cracks, splits, and granule loss over the years. Extreme heat and direct sunlight can melt and weaken the tar that bounds shingles together.


Debris buildup from leaves, pine needles, twigs can trap water and moisture against the roof letting it seep into the roofing structure. Inspect your roof for debris and make sure it is clear so water can runoff easily and quickly. If you have trees hanging over your roof, you may want to trim them to reduce the amount of leaves and twigs that collect on the roof.


Metal roof flashing seals transitions in the roof where substantial quantities of water run down or where retention may occur.

Flashing is used where the roof joins a dormer, chimney penetrations, and around the perimeter of skylights. Inspect the flashing to make sure there are no nails missing, and that it has not slid out of place. Also check the caulk as it may dry and crack over time.

Gutter Clogs

Clogged gutters can inhibit the water flow from the roof allowing it to seep through the roof. A excellent solution to prevent buildup of leaves, twigs, pine needles and other debris in your gutters are gutter covers. Gutter covers can help make sure that water flows effortlessly and rapidly.


Inspect the roof for holes that may be remaining from TV antennas, or other rooftop installations that have been removed. These holes will allow water to run into the roofing structure and home. If you discover such holes, make sure to properly seal them.

Missing Shingles

Shingles can be torn from roofs due to heavy winds, causing areas to be exposed to water. Inspect the roof after a wind storm to identify any areas where shingles may be missing and roof leak repair may be needed.


If your home has an upper roof and lower roof, it is best to extend the upper downspout to the lower gutter, or down to the ground. Allowing the upper roof to drain directly onto the lower roof can cause over saturation which can create leaks.

Ridge Cap

The gap at the peak of a roof where the two slopes meet is covered by a ridge cap. Sometimes holes can be created in the roofing materials because the ridge cap has not been protected while roofing crews use rope and harness systems. These holes will allow rain to enter the roof. Have the roofing material and ridge caps inspected to ensure there are no holes present.

Roof Vents

Whenever there is penetration through the roof for features such as roof vents, it is imperative that it is sealed correctly to prevent water leaks. Gaskets around the roof vents should be inspected for cracks, gaps, and missing nails.


Sometimes wind can lift shingles and drive rain and sleet underneath the roofing material. This can be the result of a roof pitch being too shallow. Make certain you hire a professional roofing contractor that will install the correct roofing materials for your roof’s pitch, and that they are installed properly.

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roof leak repair
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