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Do you need a roof repair or a roof replacement?  This question should not be answered without a comprehensive roof inspection by a licensed roofing contractor in CT.

Newly installed roofs that have been damaged from fallen tree limbs or wind will generally qualify for a roof repair. Smaller issues, such as a few shingles blown off by the wind, can result in roof leaks that cause major water damage to the decking and roof structure.

As a general rule, if a roof’s life can be extended by numerous years without a full replacement then a roof repair might be the best solution. The deciding factors of a roof repair vs. roof replacement ultimately depends on the wear and age of the home’s shingles and the home’s susceptibility to future damage. Larger areas of damage can be sometimes be re-roofed as well, providing the damage is not too extensive and the roofing contractor has the ability to match the existing roofing shingles. Additionally, the lure of DIY roof repair oftentimes results in low quality, costly and potential long-term damage of your home’s roof. Not to mention the danger that is involved in being on your home’s roof. AM PM provides homeowners with FREE estimates so you don’t have to put yourself at risk.

Analyzing roof repairs and hidden damage

If you are not a roofer or an insurance estimator, it can be difficult to determine the extent of any roof damage you may have. Several roof problems, such as faulty valley flashing or improperly install roof vents, are hard to see for the unqualified eye.

The full damage to a roof may not be known until the roofing contractor removes the existing roofing. Water penetration to the shingle layer cause create swelling roof sheathing or delamination, requiring the replacement of the decking sheets.

Every homeowner wants to save money, but when it comes to roof repairs, make sure you hire a reputable roofing contractor in CT.

Roof Repair Cost

Roof repair cost will depend on exactly what type of repair work is required. The most common roof repairs include new shingles over an existing installation, patch work replacing plywood and shingles in small areas, and seam resealing with cement. Metal flashing and seals around skylights, chimneys, and gutters may need to be replaced.

Cost Breakdown

Costs for roof repairs are determined by cost of materials and labor.

Additional costs could include any enhancements and improvements such as roof sealant, skylight leaks, and underlayment. Roof sealant is a good idea because it can help prevent future leaks. Skylights leaks add additonal cost because the shingles around the entire surface area of the skylight have to be removed, new flashing around the skylight needs to be installed, and finally new shingles are installed. Underlayment is a waterproofing membrane that is recommended to prevent moisture and other elements from entering. Underlayment also provides weather-proofing until a roof is installed.

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roof repair ct
roof repair ct
roof repair cost

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