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AM PM Roofing Contractors are roof replacement experts in the Middletown, New London, Hartford, New Haven, and Tolland CT metro areas. We combine the highest quality roofing materials with master installations. As a result, your home has a beautiful, high performance roof that is built to last. Your new roof adds value to your home, and provides you with long term protection.

Every roof needs to be replaced eventually, whether it is due to a storm, wear and tear, or age. We recommend that you replace a faulty roof as expeditiously as possible so that further damage to your home is prevented, and your family is safe.

Since 1998, AM PM Roofing has been delivering expert roof replacement to thousands of homeowners in Connecticut. Whether your roof needs to be replaced due to storm damage, old age, or you just want a new refreshed look for your home, we can help!

Roof Repair vs. Roof Replacement for your home in CT

Does your roof need repair or replacement? If your roof has minor problems that are unlikely to cause further issues, then we would recommend roof repairs to solve the problem. However, if your roof has major problems that cannot be permanently corrected via repair, and have potential to develop into future problems, then roof replacement is recommended. Roofing replacement will give you peace of mind regarding the safety and protection of your home, and make it more beautiful. In addition, your home’s value will benefit from a new roof, providing you with a return on your investment.

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Indicators that you may need a roof replacement

There are several signs that you need a roof replacement – roof age, missing shingle tiles, moldy shingles, bad chimney flashing, bad roof valleys, or expired warranties. All of these are tell tale signs that you need a roof replacement.

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are the most common indicator that your roof may need replacing. Oftentimes homeowners will seek a roofing contractor after seeing a roof leak or watermark on the interior of their homes. This is an especially bad sign should you have an attic space above your home. This will usually mean that the leak has been there for some time, especially if you haven’t visited your attic space in a while. Unaddressed, roofs leaks can cause rotting and mold that can further compromise the entire roofing system.

Roof Age

Furthermore, if your roof exceeds 15 years or more, it’s a pretty good guess that you’ll require a roof replacement. The roof that is on your home today is most likely covered with asphalt shingles which are the most cost effective and commonly used type of roofing shingle. Asphalt shingles generally have a 20 year lifespan.

Bad Roof Valleys

Roof valleys are troughs that channel runoff water where two sections of a slope roof intersect. In many older homes, the roof valleys consist of several layers of roofing paper which degrade over time. Other techniques include overlapping shingles to form a valley, and rainwater can find it’s way underneath the shingles. Repairing a damaged roof valley involves removing shingles and installing sheet metal flashing from the top to bottom in the valley. If the roof valleys have been faulty for an extended period, you may need a roof replacement.

Missing or Split Shingles

Even the highest quality roof shingles wear out over time. Rain, sleet, snow, and wind can tear shingles off, exposing the roof to the weather causing leaks that can damage the roof structure, and other areas of the home such as the attic, ceiling, and walls.

Split shingles are a result of exposure to the weather over time. This can occur in a short period of time, or slowly over time. Split shingles need to be replaced or repaired promptly to prevent leaks.

To prevent these costly and unsafe scenarios, missing, split, or torn shingles should be replaced immediately. If your roof has had missing shingles for a significant time, your roof and other structures may have suffered extensive damage that requires a roof replacement.

Moldy Shingles

Roofs are vulnerable to water damage such as mold and rot if there are patches where you have missing or torn shingles. If the problem is not corrected quickly, the mold can spread to nearby shingles and roof structure, compounding the problem.

Another cause of roof shingle mold and wood rot is inadequate ventilation in the attic space. If roof ventilation is impeded, heat and moisture can build up leading to buckled roof shingles, rafter and sheathing wood rot. Appropriate attic ventilation helps prevent structural damage due to moisture.

If your roof has developed extensive shingle mold, you may require a roof replacement.

Bad Chimney Flashing

Chimney flashing prevents water from leaking down the chimney into a home’s attic. White stains on the chimney brick inside your home usually is a sign your chimney flashing is not performing properly. Chimney flashing consists of two components: a base flashing that is attached to the wood deck on the roof, and a counter flashing that covers the base. Replacing chimney flashing can be expensive, and if your roof has suffered extensive damage, you may need a roof replacement.

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Roof replacement cost for your home in CT

Roof replacement cost in CT depends on several factors. Every roof in Connecticut is unique and requires trusted, licensed roofing contractors to thoroughly inspect your roof to provide an estimate that is tailored to your roof replacement needs.

Investing in a new roof has several benefits including protecting your home from the weather, saving you money on energy bills, eliminating repairs, and will improve your home’s look and increase it’s value.

Below are the primary components that determine what a roof costs to replace:

Roof size
Roof square footage
Roof slope
Roof slope factor
Waste factor
Roofing materials
Roofing design and shape

Condition of the existing roof
Geographical area
Local building permits and inspections
Roofing contractor rates
Material disposal fees
Extended warranties

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